Must Know Tips To Train Your Puppy

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Since as far back as anyone can remember the dog has always been the man's best friend. Dogs are always viewed as family pet. They are the animals who are up in the morning waking the children up for school in family films. They are also the security systems for homes and the exercise partners for evening runs. Although dogs are smart and obedient animals they did not always start out that way. The owners are the ones to teach and train their pets to obey rules and do the best tricks. Many owners want their dogs to be the best pet on the block, but before "roll over Spot", and fancy Frisbee tricks owners must focus on the first step. House training their new puppies.

Having a new puppy is always a joy to the family. The first day is always the most exciting. The children are easily attached and amused of the new family friend since they are naturally friendly animals. Although the built up excitement had taken over, families need to start the house training process immediately. When puppies are brought into a new environment they do not know how to act. Right away, puppies can start marking their territory by urinating on certain parts of the house. If the house training is not started fast, these first day events can be long term habits for the puppy making it much harder to house train them.

One of the main training tools to start off with is pee pads. These paper pads are used to train new puppies or even dogs who are just not used to the new environment. Placing these pads in areas around the house that the puppy likes to use the bathroom at is helpful. For one, the puppy will learn that the pad is where he is allowed to go to the bathroom, and not on the new wood flooring that was just installed. When the pads are put in these familiar places, the puppy will gain his/her own routine of going to those spots and using the bathroom on the pad. Keep in mind these pads should be set out in a small area so the puppy does not get used to roaming around the house to pick his/her favorite spot. It is important to give the puppy as little freedom as possible and that the owners have full control.

Another important step in the training process is having an outside and sleep schedule. These steps both go hand in hand because they are critical steps in the training process. When a new puppy arrives the children are always the first to argue about whose bed the pup will sleep in but it is important that neither child wins that argument. New puppies should sleep in a crate or kennel that is slightly bigger than its size. Placing a puppy in the compact space will teach the puppy to wait to use the bathroom until morning. This is where the outside schedule comes in. Families or single owners need to stay on a strict outside schedule, meaning the new puppy must be let out at certain times of the day. These times must stay consistent so the puppy can get used to the routine and learn to wait until it is time to go out. This works great with owners who work and that have kids who go to school. Owners can wake up in the morning and take the puppy out. Then, when the children get home the puppy will go out again and hopefully by dinner time everyone is present to take outside shifts. Finally, the puppy will go back in the crate over night and repeat the routine over until the puppy is familiar with the schedule.

Once owners' notice that their new pup is obeying and being consistent, it is important that the pet is recognized for his/her good behavior. An important part of training the puppy is also rewarding the family friend. It is recommended that the owner gets puppy treats or even toys for their pup so that they know they are on the right track. For example, if you witness the pet go to the bathroom outside, they can have a treat because they will realize, "hey, I am using the bathroom outside then they give me treats." An alternative method can always be just showing the puppy affection and letting the pet know what is right and what is wrong. Just like humans, puppies also need encouragement and recognition to reassure that they are doing what is expected of them. Puppies are smart, and these small rewards can enhance and speed up the training process.

Overall, puppies are cute and loving animals, but they can also be a handful. That is why it is important to instill rules in the puppy as soon as he/she is brought home. It is important to set scheduled outside and sleep schedules to help the puppy adapt to the new environment. If the new puppy is a family pet, it is critical that the whole family helps and plays a role in training the puppy as soon as possible to avoid any habits the pet can inherit. The main points to remember about training a puppy is to first, have a consistent schedule. If you are consistent your pet will be consistent as well. Also, reward your pet. If the puppy does something right give him/her a treat to encourage the puppy which will result in continuous good behavior. Training a puppy is difficult, but it is possible. All it takes is a dedicated and loving owner. You can also visit Puppy Preschool Sydney for train your puppy.