Introduction Of Application Scope Of Freeze Dry Machine

The application of food vacuum Freeze Dry Machine in three major fields is as follows

The application of food vacuum Freeze Dry Machine in three major fields is as follows:
1. Processing in special food applications: This technology has been widely used in foods used in marine, mountaineering, adventure and other field operations.
2. Application in hobbies, flavors, and flavoring foods: coffee, tea, and various flavors and seasonings meet people's hobbies and sensory requirements for flavor and taste. Due to the instability of the active ingredients, it is difficult to meet this with traditional drying methods. The processing method of vacuum freeze-drying at low temperature and high vacuum makes it quickly find a place in this field, and the product is deeply loved by the public. The production scale is constantly expanding and the proportion in similar products is constantly increasing.
3. Applications in nutritious foods and convenience foods: Vacuum freeze-dried products can well preserve the nutritional and health ingredients and color, fragrance, taste and shape of processed raw materials. The excellent performance of food-type vacuum freeze dryers is particularly outstanding in convenient fast food, showing a strong development momentum. For example, about 50% of convenience foods are freeze-dried foods.
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