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Who Invented The Rocking Chair?


by George


The rocking chair has been around for quite some time. Its design is unique, allowing users to rock back and forth as they sit. Many people who use this type of furniture enjoy rocking their newborns to sleep. They also like getting lost in their memories as they rock back and forth, listening to the door creak. However, who invented the rocking chair? The answer might surprise you!

So, Who Invented The Rocking Chair?

There are many theories about who invented the rocking chair, but no one knows who to credit for its development. But, for the inventor of the rocking chair, we give credit to:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was the one who invented the rocking chair. His claim to the rocking chair’s invention has been disputed, though he was credited with its invention in 1710. The word rocking chair was not included in the Oxford English Dictionary until 1787. That’s about 60 years after Franklin’s rocking chair was first on the scene.

The Original Rocking Chair

Franklin had his inspiration for the original rocking chair during an outing to church with his sister. She was around fifteen years old at the time. He sat on a (non-rocking) three-legged stool to get comfortable in church. But, when she went up for communion, he had to stand and hold himself steady by holding onto both sides of the pew in front of him. He thought that if only there were some way for him to sit without having it be stationary or worse – tip over. He could get more comfortable while standing instead of swaying back and forth as everyone else did. Thus came the idea for the first rocking chair.

Franklin wanted to make a support for his back as he stood during church services, so he designed a seat that would go between two chairs. In front of him was a seat held up by one leg and behind him was another seat with one leg holding it up. The casters on both legs are connected to the horizontal supports in the back and front of the rocking chairs. The design also included a footrest to give added comfort to its user who could rock from left to right or vice versa depending on how they moved their feet.

And Some Historical Rocking Chairs

Before Benjamin Franklin invented his original rocking chair, other people began building their versions of this popular furniture. The first of these rocking chairs had hands that would hold the chair in place while the person who sat on it rocked back and forth.

Some say that the Shakers who lived in the U.S. during the 18th century invented the rocking chair. This is because they were very creative people who loved to make all kinds of furniture for their homes, including rockers! Some say they also used this type of seating on trains when they traveled to other places for their religious reasons. At the same time, others argue that inventing a product or idea isn’t about who made it or who gets credit for making it, but more about who popularized its use.

Regardless of who technically “invented” the original rocking chair, everyone who has a rocking chair in their home can thank Benjamin Franklin for his invention. And who knows? They might just be sitting on the same type of furniture that he had made over 300 years ago!

Types of rocking chairs today

Even today, rocking chars are pretty popular. Today, there are many types of them, for example:

– Swivel rocker. It has a flat base or wheels, which allow the rocking chair to turn 360 degrees around its axis. 

– Wall saver rocker is made so that it can be pushed against a wall.

– Mission style is a prevalent type of wooden rocking chair today. They are often painted in bright colors with white details on the arms and backside of the chair.

– Rocking chairs with curved backs look stylish and comfortable seating options for your house because they fit into any interior design style you have at home.

– Glider rocker is one more option to consider when you want to buy a new rocking chair. There are many types and styles of glider rockers today, so you can choose what you like best. You can even combine it with an ottoman if you want to create something truly unique and comfortable for yourself at home.

Other specialized shops offer cushions for rocking chairs and several other options like covers for outdoor rocking chairs made especially to resist outdoor conditions.

For example, all kinds of cushions made to fit different types of rocking chairs are offered by specialized shops online. The main point is that you can find all kinds of pillows for your outdoor or indoor rocking chair, which will make it look great and comfy and cozy.

If you choose to buy a rocking chair, then I would recommend buying one with a curved back because they look both stylish and comfortable seating options for your house, like this:

Something about the old-fashioned style of this type of furniture makes them very appealing to my senses. I love the idea of providing our family with a place to sit and offering them something that will make each person feel both comfortable and relaxed. The best part is that you can get these types of chairs in many styles, sizes, and colors, so it’s obvious why I like them so much.

There are different options for your rocking chair cushions. There are outdoor cushions, indoor cushions, or maybe you want custom-made cushions specifically designed to fit your model of rocker. Or if you happen to have one of those folding kinds, then we got the perfect solution for this problem too – lookout for the best folding rocking chair for you!

There you have it. Now you know who invented the rocking chair! Make sure to check out many different models of rockers and their matching cushions. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you are interested in learning who invented other awesome stuff around us, make sure to check our other articles!


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