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Who Invented The Selfie Stick?


by George


We’ve all heard about it or seen it at least once on social media. But who invented the selfie stick?

The selfie stick is a monopod used to take photos of yourself and your surroundings by positioning your camera, typically a phone, away from you at arm’s length. This may be done by standing in place or with the aid of a pole or tripod. Selfie sticks are not new inventions, but they’ve been gaining more and more popularity since 2013, when a New York Times article first coined the term “selfie stick.”

Any guesses who invented the selfie stick? Many of us who think all inventions come from big corporations or research labs were surprised to learn who the inventor is.

So, who invented the selfie stick?

The one that gets the credit for inventing the selfie stick is:

Wayne Fromm

In 2005, Wayne Fromm invented the selfie stick – that’s two years before the iPhone was released!

He named it the Quik Pod, and he patented it. However, manufacturers began mass-producing knockoffs of the invention soon after and selling them across the country.

Speaking of who invented the selfie stick, who knew that something like this would go viral? With all of the social media’s different platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook), selfies are everywhere. It only makes sense that someone figured out a way to make them better.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “The Quik Pod has been accepted into 500 retail outlets across North America and China. It took Wayne three years to sell his first 50 units.”

The patent for “telescopic extender for supporting compact cameras and other devices” was filed on August 22, 2005, and approved on November 13, 2006.

Types of Selfie Sticks Today

Regardless of who’s taking credit for who invented the selfie stick, there are many different types you can purchase today. There are selfie sticks to take photos of yourself or your surroundings that are no more than just an arm’s length away from you!

Some newer types of selfie sticks include:

1) Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

A Bluetooth-enabled device attached to the handle allows you to connect your phone wirelessly to snap a photo. Bluetooth selfie sticks are perfect for taking group photos or selfies with friends.

2) Remote Control Selfie Sticks

Have you seen the selfie sticks where you take a photo by pressing a button on the handle? Those are known as remote control selfie sticks. This is another excellent option if you’re looking to take group photos or want to be in more than one place at once when photographing yourself.

3) Extendable Monopods

These are just taller selfie sticks that allow you to get more of your surroundings into your photo, rather than just being stuck behind the phone screen. These are particularly good for people who like to explore outdoor areas and take pictures of their surrounding environment (mountains, forests, etc.).

4) Selfie Poles

Generally made of aluminum or other lightweight metal, selfie poles can be adjusted to different lengths and angles depending on your preference. This is another excellent option for taking group photos!

5) Floating Selfie Sticks

Okay, this one is a bit of a novelty item. If you’re the type of person, who likes to take selfies while on water or in some other body of water (pool, bathtub, hot tub) – it’s probably your best option for keeping your phone dry!

Where Can I Find a Selfie Stick?

You can find selfie sticks all over the place nowadays – from big box stores like Walmart and Target to specialty shops carrying more unique items. You can buy them online through many different retailers as well. Just make sure you read reviews before making the final purchase to know what to expect when it arrives!

If you want to go old-school style, though (and not use a stick at all), selfie arms are another great option. With the arms, you attach your phone to the end of a stick attached to a small stand. Just prop it up on one side of you and snap away!

If you’re looking for a selfie stick that does it all, then consider purchasing one that’s Bluetooth enabled with remote control for easy access when snapping photos. However, suppose you’re not into all bells and whistles and want something lightweight and straightforward. In that case, an extendable monopod is perfect for you! No matter what type of selfie stick you get, though (if any!), we hope this article helped answer the question: who invented the selfie stick?

There you have it. Now you know who intended the selfie stick! Make sure to mention it to your friends next time you take group photos!

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